About Us

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This is a place for All Nations to share information about themselves, their communities, their talents and their goals.


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Our story

All Nations 50/50 is the only national digital draw that is Indigenous-owned, operated and licensed that was created to support First Nations and Indigenous causes across the country. Our unique model allows for the purchasers of tickets to decide which cause, band our group they want us to support. The philosophy is built on encouraging unity, economic independence and working together. We will be donating 30% (Minus Processing fee) of every ticket sold to an Indigenous cause and we will apportion that donation based on what the customer wants us to support. This is tracked by which link the customer uses to purchase their ticket(s).

We have started with the following communities and causes. Just let us know if you would like us to add your community or cause to the list for us to support.

That simple.

Now let’s stand together and make this a great story of indigenous innovation and economic independence.

How do I get support for my community or cause?

Simple! If your community or cause is already listed, simply use that link to purchase your tickets and share it with your friends. If it is not listed, get in touch with us and we will add it.


We track every ticket sale by the link used to buy the ticket. We will make our donations to the causes every two months for the two-month preceding ticket sales. We are starting with a monthly draw and will be moving to weekly draws.