We understand you may have questions regarding how our online fundraising lotteries work. Let’s try to clear some those up.

How does All Nations Charity’s license work?

All Nations Charity has been granted an Client Provider Permit from the Quebec based, Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC). The KGC permit allows All Nations Charity to offer a variety of online (interactive) gaming products directly and/or on behalf of organizations in multiple jurisdictions around the world. All Nations Charity is based in Ontario, Canada.

Do I need a lottery license of my own?

Not at all. We run the online lottery sites on your behalf.

Do my clients need to be in the same province as my organization to play my lottery?

That’s the best part! Unlike jurisdictionally issued licenses, All Nations Charity’s players can play anywhere in Canada. Often times provincial regulations will limit your users to being in the same jurisdictional region as your organization. We’re not limited by that whatsoever. Better yet, our sites can be played from just about anywhere in the world save for a few restrictions!

What’s the difference between a Classic 50/50 and a Progressive 50/50 lottery?

In a Classic 50/50 tickets are purchased for a single event and do not carry over to future events. There will be a guaranteed winner of 50% of the revenue generated at the completion of each draw.

In a Progressive 50/50, a user purchases a ticket and that number remains active for a full year from the date of last purchase. All eligible tickets, whether they have purchases for that draw or not, are entered into the draw. If the number drawn does not have a purchase for that draw it is classified as a non-winner and the jackpot rolls over to the next draw increasing the prize pot. The owner of the ticket misses out on the prize money for that draw because they didn't play against their number. There is no guaranteed winner in a Progressive 50/50 draw aside from the first week.

I want to sign up, what’s next?

The next step is to get in touch with us. Our Customer Support team will start the ball rolling and get everything set up for you. They’ll need things like your logo, imagery for slideshows, copy, as well as ticket pricing and draw frequency. Once we have everything we need our software engineers will set up your lottery site and you will be fundraising in no time.

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